Low water - less load

Low water levels reveal debris and stones that are otherwise hidden under the water.

Maritime transport is now also able to detect decreasing water levels. The Swedish Maritime Administration is now changing the draught for vessels entering Vänern.

“The normal draught of 5.40 is being changed to 5.30,” Klas Höggren, Operations Manager at Vänerhamn and based in Kristinehamn, tells newspaper Nya Kristinehamns-Posten.

The water depth in the Kristinehamn Port is currently six metres, but it is not this but rather the water depth in the locks leading into Vänern that sets the limit.

There is no test point in Kristinehamn at present, so the water level is measured in Skoghall, Sjötorp and Sunnanå. 

What does the changed draught mean for Ahlmark Lines?

“So far, it does’t mean much,” says Jörgen Kock, Operations Manager. “We often transport wood, and that is lightweight cargo. It’s worse with bulk cargoes like lime. In those cases, we simply load less.”

For a vessel with a loading capacity of 3,000 tonnes, this means around 100 tonnes or ten per cent less cargo.