Pressrelease: Faster decision paths increase efficiency

Faster decision paths increase efficiency

In order to meet the demands made for speed and efficiency, the Ahlmarks Board has decided to restructure and decentralize.

This means, among other things, that the Chief Executive Officer will be removed from May 29, 2017. Håkan Thorell, who has led the Group for ten years, will as an immediate effect consequently leave his position as CEO of the Parent Company and associated functions in underlying companies. Lars Johansson continues to act as acting chairman of the board.

Ahlmarks is a group with headquarters in Karlstad and with many years of tradition in trade and industry, the group operates in many places in both Europe and North Africa.

By making the above changes, the Board wishes to strengthen the decision-making power within each business area.

Decisional power is decentralized, which means that each business area gets an increased mandate to make decisions about business strategy and long-term business development with a view to focusing on greater business skills for each individual subgroup.

The ambition is to increase adaptability and the pace of change in an increasingly competitive market. It is about meeting the demands of efficiency and competence.

"This is something that feels natural to do, we are a differentiated group, and in view of the business cycle, which unfortunately has led to a deterioration in profitability for us in recent years, we choose to do this and it feels positive. In short, each subsidiary can answer and deliver directly to the board and owners. We will thus act and run the Group as an investment company, where the Parent Company becomes more like a holding company for its respective subsidiaries. By doing this, we believe that the operation of the subsidiaries will be significantly improved by giving each CEO for their respective business area a larger mandate, " says Lars Johansson, Chairman of the Group.

For further information, please contact Lars Johansson, Group Chairman: or +46705647055.

O.F. Ahlmark & Co. Eftr. A.-B. Is one of the oldest family-owned companies in Värmland and was founded by Oscar Ferdinand Ahlmark in 1847. After 170 years, Ahlmarks is with its business groups in shipping, commerce and industry under continued development. The Group has a turnover of approximately SEK 3 billion. The business is today international and is conducted in several European countries and North Africa. Ahlmark employs around 1500 employees across Europe, of which 350 in Värmland. Through its Friends Shipping and other operations such as Byggbeslag in Karlstad, Miller Graphics in Sunne and Edman & Sjöberg in Filipstad, Ahlmarks is a significant player in the Värmlands business sector.