Hull office now offering Customs Clearance Services


As from 1st January 2021, Ahlmark Shipping (UK) Ltd will be offering Customs Clearance services to customers bringing consignments through the Ahlmark Terminal.  We have made significant investment in additional staff, training, equipment and software to ensure we provide a fast and efficient service. 


In order to prepare for this, we would ask customers to send a Letter of Authorisation , on headed notepaper, for Ahlmark Shipping to act as a direct representative (Template Attached) to complete Customs Declarations on their behalf.  We would kindly request the letter to include your EORI Number and updated contact details.


As from 1st January 2021, most traders with a good compliance record will be able to apply to defer import declarations on non-controlled goods for up to 6 months after 1 January 2021 – to see if you are eligible for staged controls , go to: 

If you decide to defer customs declaration, we will need this confirmed in writing , to keep our Terminal records in order as we will be subject to inspection/audit .


To avoid any confusion or fines, we recommend Customs declarations being made on arrival of vessel . We want to ensure there are no delays in making your goods available for collection / delivery on completion of discharge.


Also, from 1st January 2021, businesses will be able to use Postponed VAT accounting to account for import VAT on their VAT return – Please also advise on the Letter of Authorisation that you wish to use Postponed VAT Accounting. If you do not wish to use this facility, please advise your Deferment Number or confirm that you will be paying VAT through FAS (Flexible Accounting Scheme)


From the 1st July 2021, goods will have to be Customs Cleared before cargo is permitted to be removed from the port. Please note that it is the responsibility of the importer to ensure information entered on the Customs Declaration is correct.


As a Terminal Operator within the Port of Hull, we have had to give indemnities to the port that Ahlmark Shipping will be responsible for fines from Customs should any cargoes not be Customs Cleared or declared incorrectly and removed from the port. We will also be subject to regular Customs audit, we understand we’ll have to keep all records for a up to 10 years. Persistent breach of controls could result in removal of Customs approval and closure of terminal. Therefore, we recommend that Ahlmark Shipping arrange your Customs Declarations through our terminal to ensure there are no issues in getting cargoes cleared as soon as possible.


If you do decide to use another Customs Agent/ Broker, there will be a Terminal Administration Charge. If we receive a clearance from an outside agent and it is not correct, cargo will not be allowed to be released until we receive correct clearance details from your Customs agent.


We will be liaising closely with our colleagues in the ports of loading to ensure all invoices are sent to us on sailing in order to pre-enter goods and we will endeavor to have the entry cleared soon after the vessels arrival into our terminal (subject to Customs / Forestry Authority inspections).  We have noticed Commodity Codes (HS Code) already being declared on some documentation, it will assist in avoiding any delays if the correct Commodity Codes are on all invoices.


Please be assured Ahlmark Shipping will do the utmost to provide a smooth and prompt Customs Clearance service. Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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